Looking for Loose Pennies! (Tell City)

tell street near 12th street

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Do you have a LARGE number of loose pennies? Do you hate the idea of selling them to CoinStar and losing 10% to cover fees? Are you dreading wrapping those pennies? Worry and dread no more - I need your pennies!

I gave my wife a jar of pennies when we got married. It had one per day since the day I first laid eyes on her. Over the years we have added pennies to it, but then we lost the jar. It has recently reappeared, but we're nearly 5000 pennies shy of being current and I already cleared out our local banks. I'd like to get this penny jar current quickly.

I don't care if your pennies are copper or zinc; if they are wrapped or unwrapped (unwrapped pennies weigh about 180 pennies to the pound). I don't care if you already searched your pennies for rare dates or mistakes. I just need a large volume of pennies that are in circulatable condition (not bent, not painted, not covered in oil, not weirdly sticky or smelling like skunk... you get the idea). I am looking for people who have a large number of US pennies they want to get face value for in paper currency. I'm willing to drive around Tell City or meet you somewhere public if you would prefer.

I'm not Coinstar and don't want you to lose money on the transaction - if you don't know how many pennies you have, you and I can make our best guess based on volume and weight and I'll round up so you don't lose out. I am specifically looking for common US pennies. If your pennies are worth more or are collectable, then save them for a collector.

TLDR: I'm a guy in need of 28 pounds (about 5000) loose pennies, give or take. I will buy them from you at face value, no need to wrap them, no need to pay money to CoinStar to convert them to paper currency. I will not waste your time and will provide paper currency in trade for your pennies value. I am looking for someone or a couple people with BULK PENNIES please, not people who have a pound or two of pennies.

Phone number provided - I prefer to be contacted via Text.


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